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Retaining your current customers is definitely important, but building new relationships is the key to driving your business forward…and increasing your revenue. A solid strategy and persuasive writing are the first steps to establishing connections that will make your business…
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Imagine this: you’re searching online for a specific product and after what feels like an endless search, you finally find what you want. There is only one problem. The website is outdated with low-quality pictures and minimal content. Would you…
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Blogs have become one of the most popular ways for us to consume information. The reason for this is because they are generally written in a less-formal way, allowing the reader to easily understand the post. Keep your audience engaged…
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Nobody likes spam mail, but everyone loves a good deal. If written correctly, newsletters can be a great tool for drawing your audience to your website and social media through email subscription. You can offer them discounts and incentives through…
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PowerPoint presentations are one of the best ways to creatively convey your message. They provide countless options for colours, fonts and videos to name a few. Whether you’re looking to impress investors or your boss, a fully optimized PowerPoint presentation…
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Gone are the days when recruiters personally read each resume that landed on their desk. Now companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter out resumes based on keywords on your resume. Here’s the tricky part though: it’s easy to…
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